The building expert Dipl.-Ing. Rüdiger Knäuper established a company, which offers expertise and consultancy in the fields of building and interior damages, refurbishment of historic buildings, timber protection, photovoltaic systems and structural design.

Within a team of qualified engineers and experts Knäuper Bausachverständige are able to master even extensive projects and urgent inquiries like evidence preservations.

special fields

  • building and interior damages
  • historical buildings
  • timber protection
  • structural design and construction
  • inspections and monitoring within building processes
  • real estate valuation
  • assessment of storm-, fire- and mains water damage to buildings

building damages

  • consultancy, monitoring and control of construction and reconstruction processes

interior damages

  • refurbishment and redesign of existing buildings, fitments and advertising structures


historical buildings

  • survey, analysis and assessment of historical structures and damages on old buildings
  • development and planning of preservations
  • cost calculations

timber protection

  • planning and controlling of timber protection works on new as well as damaged structures


structural design

  • consultancy and structural design in reconstruction processes
  • evidence preservations
  • assessment of structural damages

inspections and monitoring within building processes

  • checking of plans and calculations
  • regularly site inspections
  • documentation of building progresses
  • crack and vibration monitoring

real estate valuation

  • assessment of market value of buildings and estates
  • consultancy within probate disputes (no juristic advices)
  • optimisation of estate businesses

expert for the assessment

  • assessment of mains water damages on buildings
  • assessment of storm damages on buildings
  • assessment of fire damages on buildings